Mail it In!


Where do I send my device to?

You can mail your device in to our retail store.  The address is as follows.

The Apple Specialists

1915 McKinley Ave, Suite C,

La Verne, CA 91750

United States

909) 202-4989

888) 280-6064

Click here to place an order and mail it in for repair


Do I pay for a service, call you, or what?

If you know exactly what is wrong with your device, you can use our Mail in Site by click here. Or give us a call to discuss a service for your needs. 


I don’t have any idea what is wrong, I’m at lost cause. I don’t know what to do, can you figure it out for me?

We understand, diagnosis can be confusing and sometimes just down right frustrating.  Leave it to us and we will take care of it for you,  Just click here to use our Mail in store “free estimate” to receive an order number place it in the box and mail it in to our store front.  If you have trouble doing this or don’t have the time just write your name, phone number, address, and the symptoms on a piece of paper and mail it into our store front address.  We will then tell you the cost to repair your item and will send you a bill before we complete the repairs. If you choose you would not like to have your machine repaired, you are only responsible for return shipping.


What will return shipping cost?

We offer free return shipping of your device, if you go through with the service.  If you decline the repair or service, there is a $25 (min) return shipping fee for devices where we do not perform a repair within the continental U.S. The free shipping is only valid for device within the continental U.S that we complete a repair on. 


Do you pay for my box or send me a label?

No. we only provided free RETURN shipping after we fix your device.  It does not cover the shipping to us.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but we do not cover any of the shipping price, customs, or duties involved with shipping of the device.


How long will my repair take?

Unfortunately this is not something we can answer, as it really depends on what is being done.  For many repairs it can be done same day.  Motherboard and logic board repair can take anywhere from an hour to a couple month depending on the severity of the issue.  Data recovery can take a few days to over a month. If you need some kind of time estimate give us a call or email to discuss specific turnaround times on your device.


Do you need my Charger?

No, we have everything we need to work on your device.


We kindly ask that you do not include any accessory’s you would like to receive back, This includes but is not limited to, cases / covers, bags, Keyboards, mice, usb drives, micro sd, etc. we will not be responsible for the loss of these devices or data! 



Click here to place an order and mail it in for repair




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